Larry Osborne Discipleships 6 Inconvenient Truths: Disciple = Follower – Anyone following is a disciple We often confuse leadership with discipleship. Followers are not always leaders. 1. The ultimate mark of a disciple is obedience to what we know. It doesn’t mean extrovert It means faith to trust and follow. There should not be a […]

Larry Osborne   The reason you want your groups to be sticky is so that you/we can fulfill the great commission. Not just because you want to get bigger. It’s not about church growth, but the great commisson In today’s world there is no brand loyalty. If people don’t like what they hear – they will […]

Larry Osborne The Heart of a leader The Mindset of a leader We can be like a fish out of water…We read scripture through the lens of our experience. The Early Church Met in Homes. Elders (from-Titus/Timothy) House churches don’t have “boards” or “board meetings.” Elders – were simply older people…who often oversaw stuff. Life […]

John Lindell People grow while in relationship Connecting to your life group in the church Big Picture information – What’s needed… 10 Church Culture Committments: Things to do that will make a big difference – attitude 1. Maintain a breathless Awe over what God is doing in the Church. What God is doing is SUPER-Natural. […]

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Larry Osborne?@?James River Church Introductory Comments For 1900 years people went to church with their neighbors. For the most part throughout scripture their was low mobility. A large church used to be 125 – and everybody knew everybody’s business. The sign of a spoiled Child – they get their own care…

Perry Noble (At Elevation Church) Video Link: Introduction: Growing up I had a drug problem…I got drug to church. My dad’s belt cured my ADD. Perry didn’t like church. Perry ran from God for a while (His mother died from cancer when he was 12) He blamed God. Perry had a friend (David) who […]

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2 Cor 1 – Paul is defending himself against personal attacks. They are saying that Paul is not a man of his word. They are saying Paul is not an apostle. They are saying that he is a false teacher. And looking intently at the council, Paul said, ?Brothers, I have…


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