Maintain Your Faith

  • These tips on how to maintain your faith amidst trials and storms are heavily adapted and quoted from: Gurnall, William. The Christian in Complete Armour. Abridged ed. Vol. 1. publication place: Banner of Truth, 1986. 
  • These tips will help you maintain your faith and your sanity when it seems like your life is crashing in a blaze of brilliant chaos all around you, and it seems like Satan is screaming in your face.
  • When Satan blows smoke in your face and seems to be speaking to you through and influencing your wife, your children, your friends, your cat, and even your dog, preserve the hope of your salvation –  Record God’s special visits to you in the memory book of your heart.  Paste in keepsakes of the occasions when He declared a holiday and came to you in festive robes of mercy.  Keep old receipts written in His own hand for the pardon of your sins. Try the following prescriptions for your week, weazing, and wilting faith.

  1. Renew your repentance – Put forth fresh acts of faith, as if you had never believed, and you will beat Satan at his own game.  Let him tell you that your former actions were hypocritical, or that they were worthless.  What can he say against your present affirmation of faith?  In this way the very accusations he uses to drive you away from God, instead draw you closer to Christ.
  2. If he still haunts you with fears of your spiritual condition then apply for a new copy of the old evidence which you have misplaced.  The original is in the pardon office in heaven, of which Christ is the Master.  If you are a saint, a Christian, then your name is on record in that court.  Appeal to God, and hear the news from heaven, rather than listen to the tales your enemy brings from hell.  If you would argue less with Satan and pray more to God about your fears, they would soon be resolved.  Can you expect truth from a liar, or comfort from an adversary?  Turn your back on him and go to God.
  3. If you soul is buffeted such that you cannot seem to hear God’s reassuring answer above Satan’s howling, sail straight for God’s harbor.  Make a honorable retreat into those assurances and strengths which Christ provides for His endangered soldiers.  there are two places of advantageinto which despairing, deserting, souls may escape: 
    1. The Name of God
    2. The absolute promises of the gospel
  4. Finally, if Satan still continues to hound you, and it seems like you are hanging from your last thread, call in reinforcements and do not listen to the devil’s counsel to the contrary.  The very strength of some temptations lies in trying to keep them hidden.  Telling a trusted, godly friend of your struggles often brings relief.  Satan knows this too well, so in order to more freely strip your soul of peace and comfort, he frightens you into silence.  ‘Oh, my,’ Satan says, ‘if your friends knew this nasty, stinking, tidbit, regarding your failure, they would kick you to the curb!’  Satan has kept many a poor soul in misery by swearing it to secrecy.  You lose two blessings by keeping the devil’s secret:
    1. The counsel of your trusted peers
    2. Their prayers



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