Welcome To ChalkerMen

Who We Are:  As the subtitle suggests, we are a community of Christian men.  We started out as a James River Church Men’s Bible Study “table group.”  We have grown beyond a table group.  We have morphed into an community of passionate Christian men who desire to challenge each other, inspire each other, and push each other into greater depth and growth in our respective relationships with Christ.

Why We Exist:  Our community was created to provide stability, consistency, and accountability, for men who are interested in serious spiritual growth, discipleship, and leadership training.  We envision a purpose  that grows beyond a mere local community life group.  We envision a core community of leaders that catch the vision for leading and mentoring other men in spiritual growth, consistency, and accountability.

Join Our Community:  We are not a closed group.  We are open to new and passionate men joining with us as we intentionally journey towards Christ as our arms are linked in community.  Even if you are not physically near us (Springfield, MO.), join our online community.  Share you thoughts and soul by becoming a contributing author.  We will monitor posts for explicit themes and language, but we are not afraid of differing perspectives.  We believe in conversation.  If you would like to join our community contact us at:  chalkermen@gmail.com, and request an author invitation.  We are eager to hear from you.


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